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Psychberg Fest 2022
Psychberg was born in 2018 as a collective that sought to play records and spread good tunes in the clubs of Berlin, as well as Madrid and Barcelona. Later on, the dj sessions became the closing act of the concerts that started to take place in different venues in Berlin. Soon, a community of music lovers, musicians and artists gathered at each event, and 4 years later we decided to hold a one-day festival, culminating this series of events in the Psychberg Fest, a festival that brought together 6 international bands. With the attendance of more than 350 people in this first edition, the festival was the confirmation of Psychberg Affairs as a cultural platform that continues to give a voice to emerging and established bands, and is also a place for the exchange of ideas and new projects.

As co-founder of this project, together with the DJ, radio broadcaster and promoter, Dark's Second, I have had the opportunity to put all my visual and creative tools at the service of a project that combines my great passions: music and art. Throughout these 6 years, I have not only participated in the selection of bands and artists but I have also done the conceptualization, naming, aesthetics and all the visual communication and identity of the festival and all the events held within the framework of Psychberg Affairs.

I´m with the Band!

Psychberg Fest was a 100% DIY production. Without a lot of help from our friends, the event wouldn't have been possible, proving one more time that collaboration is the key to make projects with soul happen.
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