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Psychberg Parties were born in the heart of Kreuzberg, in Berlin June of 2019. Its a bymonthly party that takes place in different venues of the german capital city, such as Suzie Mambo or Repeat Bar. The party hosts a collective of DJs which genres go from Psychedelic rock, Kraut rock, Post Punk or Stoner among others. The concept of the event was created by the Venezuelan DJ, Dark´s Second, who is also a promoter and the organizer of the Psychberg Fest as well as the conductor of the show Cat´s Morphine on the independent radio

We created the image for the event and every edition has a new lait motiv always keeping the guidelines of the event, which keep on evolving and consolidating the image to make it recognizable among the audience and music lovers of these genres not just in the city of Berlin but through its digital channels. 

Lately they image of the event was getting more and more important since it is the main tool to promote the partys on streaming, as an alternative to the decree lockdowns during the spring of 2020.

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