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Maybe because there are many things that trigger my curiosity and my hunger for learning, maybe because since I was a kid I felt that wearing labels only sets you limits, and leads you down the comfortable automatic path where no questions grow, killing your willingness to explore and create. Maybe because I have many interests and I choose learning over repetiting. I'm not interested in going down familiar paths, so I always try to do things from a deeper proper perspective. I don't like to empty words or ideas, so I'm always looking for new ways to represent things. That's probably why I'm not a Graphic Designer, not a Writer, not an Illustrator, not a Visual Artist, but all of them combined. I believe in projects made with heart and honesty, with soul. That's why I tend to go after culturally and socially oriented projects.

If you share any of this, say hi and let’s find new synergies. :)

And if you (still) need to check my CV, here´s it. Or you can also enjoy the music I listen to.

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